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well, I was at my local Sears Hardware store and happened to see this gasket in the plumbing section..
I'm not certain what it's supposed to be used for? but the outside diameter was the perfect fit to try and reduce my cup holder..

so $3 and some change later I was home trying to see if it would fit..
I used Velcro to hold the gasket in place and it fit perfectly :)

I then tried an average sized coffee cup and the hole was a bit small...
about ten minutes of opening the hole with my dremel the hole size was correct..
This particual bit on my dremel worked amazing and I was moving material with ease :)

it's not the prettiest but it works and was inexpensive :)
it is also easy to remove if I ever do need to use it for a large drink or 1 quart Gatorade...

just thought i'd share...

i'll get the exact part number the next time I go to sears if any one is interested......


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Is that a toylet flange seal?

Regardless, I like the mod. Question, do you carry drinks that have open tops in the drink holder? I won't even put a Mcdonalds cup of coffee with a lid in my drink holders. It seems a drop of liquid will splash out the sip hole and stain the interior. I just end up holding everything exept my screw on capped water bottles.
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