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Would this work?

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I am a novice at using an orbital buffer. Ive never used one, but I am sure I can do the job. I looked at Harbor Freight, and found some items. What are your thoughts?

6" Variable Speed Dual Action Polisher

and they have Pads to go along with it.

I dont see any product on here, but I am working against small scratches, some swirling, and for some reson, my tailgate has lost its lustor. I have clayed and waxed before, and no matter what I have done in the past(by hand) the tail gate always looks shiny, but dull.
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I noticed their pads when i was there the other day. I decided to pass since the Lake Country pads are just a couple dollars more.
I'll let you know, but stil confused on what I need for supplies...
If you want something simple that you can just buy at an auto parts store, pick up a bottle of Meguiars M105 and M205. M105 is a great compound for medium to heavy correction. M205 is a finishing polish and will follow M105 to clear up any cloudiness or ghosting.

M105 with an orange pad, your machine on speed 3 to start.
M205 with a white pad, your machine on 1-2.

I'm not familiar with the Harbor Freight polisher, so I'd start with a low setting and adjust upwards from there.

If you'd like a better polish that is easier to work with, try Menzerna SIP-1500 and follow it with SF-4000. 1500 with an orange pad, and 4000 with a white pad. Same speeds unless higher speeds needed.
Thanks Jumbo. Once I am done with the M105/M205 or SIP-1500/SF-4000 are there any steps afterwards like a glaze or protector? Im driving my wife crazy with how much I need to spend so if I can do one order at once..that would be easier. I am already planning on the Mothers Clay kit. Ive also read that Dawn dish soap isint good to use. Is this true?
Yes, the last step will be to seal all your hard work in with a quality synthetic sealant. Menzerna PowerLock is a great sealant, I like Zaino Z-2 as well. There are so many good ones out there.

Don't worry about a glaze. A glaze is a temporary band aid for hiding swirls. It will make the vehicle look good, but they usually wash off after the next bath, leaving you right back where you started.

The Mothers clay kit is a great kit.

Dawn is terrible for washing your car. It has a high alkaline content and is no good for rubber trim and seals. It will also strip any sealant or wax you have on. One or two washes isn't going to hurt anything, you just don't want to make a habit out of it.

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