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I posted this in the wheel/tire forum under "will this fit", but wanted to post it here too, to get as much input as possible. If the moderators see fit to remove one of the posts because I'm an idiot, by all means do so, and I apologize in advance :eek:

Bout to pull the trigger on some suspension components and want to make sure what I've got my heart set on will fit with my current wheel/tire combo. Currently I'm running 18x9.5 +25mm offset Vtech Raptor wheels on 295/65/18 Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs. I'm looking at upgrading my UCA's to a set of Camburgs..

According to Downsouth motorsports, they recommend max wheel tire size as Tire: 33x12.50 with a 18x9 wheel with a max backspacing of 5.75"

Will my current wheel/tire combo accomodate the new UCA's? I'm upgrading my suspension as well: King OEM coil-over up front with King resivoirs in the rear plus CB 3" shackles, if anybody is wondering.
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