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Why does bds lift have the nose in the air look?

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I looked at a ton of tundras with the bds 7" lift and it looks to me that they all have the nose in the air look, which I do not like. I want my truck to sit level or maybe the rear end to be an inch or so higher once its lifted. Can i make the bds kit sit level or is this just the way the bds kit sits the truck. Is there a kit in the same price range as the bds that lifts 6"-7" that sits level? It seems the pro comp lift sits pretty level. Is this true?
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You can add shackles to the BDS lift to raise the rear more. The BDS lift comes with a 4" block for the rear and an optional 1" shackle. Coachbuilder makes a 2" and a 3" shackle that fits as well.

A more economical option than the BDS lift and to get then stance you want is the Zone 5" + BDS shims and coachbuilder shackles. Totals to around $1400 for parts. The Zone lift is a sister company to BDS and the lifts are almost identical. Same part numbers even.

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Does a pro comp 6" lift sit level or the same as a bds 7" with the nose in the air
Mine sits level. It does have the 3" block and long add-a-leaf in it that came with the kit.

The ride is nice too.

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