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This year I'm going to have the ProComp 4" lift installed on my truck. With this lift I have to run 20" wheels with a back space between 5.75 to 6.18", so I found some 20x9" 201/202 Baron wheels with a 6.18" backspace, +30 offset and the tires I want to put them on are Cooper Discover AT/3's. Now there are 2 sizes to choose from:

1) 275/65/R20 "E" load, 11.1" wide & 34.2" tall

2) 305/55/R20 "E" load, 12.26" wide & 33.3" tall

Now I'm not real familiar with tires so which one of these would work best with the wheels so I wouldn't get a lot of rubbing and would be the closest to my stock tires which are 285/70/17 so my speedometer wouldn't be too far off? Thanks

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