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Where to buy color matched door handles / fender flares

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read some posts on here about a website that sells color matched front door handles for tundras. also read about someone who found bushwackers that are already painted. used the search function and found nothing. all help is appreciated ! :D:D
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Bushwackers painted ....come from a texas dealership reasonably cheap and were painted perfect for mine truck...come in any color and i believe they were 450.00? Which I would be paying i believe 200.00 to color match if i bought them without paint
Door handles, TRD sparks. I don't think they sell bushwackers painted, just OEM flares painted.

Bushwackers, TRDparts4u:

Pocketed Fender Flares by Bushwacker -Tundra 202 00012-T1052-06
thank you! so these fender flares come painted?
Yes, those are the exact ones I'm running, they are painted oem black :woot:

Here they are on my truck. I pulled them out the shipping box and installed them.

awesome thanks! i will be buying those today as well.

anyone got a link for the colored door handles? for a double cab. black

thanks again bad dad
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