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Where can I find Tundra Hitch Torque Specs?

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Now I've taken it apart and can't put it back together without help. Some inconsiderate driver hit my 2010 Tundra Crew Max in the parking lot, bent up the rear bumper, and drove away. I ordered a aftermarket replacement from one of the forums sponsors and it arrived in perfect condition. Today I discovered that the Toyota OEM trailer hitch/receiver is what holds the rear bumper on the Tundra and I had to remove it to replace the bumper. So far so good right but when I when to bolt the hitch back onto the frame of the truck, I realized that I don't know how much to torque the bolts that hold the hitch on the truck. I did endless online searches, including this forum, and I can't seem to find it anywhere in cyberspace. The dealer is closed today so I'm hoping someone out there will know the torch specs or be able to tell me where to find them so I can bolt the hitch back on and be done. Help!

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Maybe this will help?


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Thank you. Thats awesome!
The rear bumper is attached to the hitch, and the hitch is attached to the frame. After looking through every torque spec in the service specification attachement, I don't see where it includes the bolts that attach the hitch to the frame. Come on Toyota, why it it such a big secret or am I just not searching for the right thing?
Are you sure you have a factory receiver? Here's the pdf on the steel bumper install. I can't seem to find one for the receiver.


Thanks for the bumper diagrams. I can see the OEM hitch in the diagram because thats what the bumper bolts onto but I cant find a diagram of the hitch with hitch to frame bolt torque specs. It must be a Toyota secret.
I know this is an old thread but i too would like to know what the torque spec is for the hitch frame bolt. Its the bolt you remove when you install the TRD sway bar, if that helps.
Here's a list of torque specs by bolt size.


Thanks for the the pdf but it wasnt listed. I contacted the toyota parts guy that i normally deal with, he looked it up and said its 84 ft lbs. FYI, incase anyone needs to know its a 19mm bolt.
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