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Wheels and Tires arrived today

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came home from work to find my 209 XD addict wrapped in nitto 37's :)


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DTD..they gave me the best price
Nice rim and after install?
Very nice! Now we need pics of those bad boys installed!!!
I would love some 37s. Thats awesome. They look really good. Cantbwait for the install pics.

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thanks.. i am going out of town for a couple of days so the pics will have to wait till the end of he week.... its killing me!!!
Cant wait to see them on your truck man they look sick!
Ditto...can't wait to see them on your truck!
Now that's a good day...I woulda cracked a beer and just admired them...
ok...i had her all cleaned upbut then it rained again... here is a decent picture mounted with the lift installed..


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Wow! Looks bad a$$ !! Nice color too :)
Looks awesome. Congrats.
I really... r e a l l y ...did not need to see this ... gotta get the image out of my head!
Any head on shots. I assume these are a +18 offset?
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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