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I've got an 08 double cab, 4x4. Eventually I plan to level it either 2 or 2.5" and put 275-70's on there. I would like to upgrade the wheels from the styled steelies to the Ultra Mavericks. My question is, would these wheels fit fine on this tire size without any rubbing? The wheel specs are: 18x9", Offset: 25 mm, Backspacing: 6.02", Bolt pattern: 5-150mm. I don't mind if they stick out slightly past the fenders, but I don't want them to stick out too much. I am not very familiar with all of the offsets and how that would affect the rubbing, etc.

I currently have the 265-70's...if I were to upgrade the wheels before the tires and leveling kit, how would they fit on this size as well? Any help is much appreciated!
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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