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What's underneath the shelf above the stereo built into the dash. Aka,, how long of a lag-bolt can I use.?.? j/k

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I'd like to semi permanently mount a 10.25 monitor onto this shelf. What's underneath? Can I get away with short screws (stand comes with 4 predrilled mounting holes.
Does this shelf pop out, didn't look like it. This will be utilized by my RV camera install as well as a license plate mounted camera. Four cameras total, wireless setup. Left right and rear of the trailer & the plate cam on the truck itself.

Will probably butt splice into the factory camera harness next to the spare for power. I've searched some but a hint as to what color I'm looking for would be awesome for camera and transponder power. This might not work though as the factory stereo/back up camera thing quit years ago.

For the last few summers we've gone tp both coasts of the states and the tow mirrors were kind of lacking in usefulness.

Cris in Colorado
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