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I am a new owner of a 2006 DC Limited that had the rear seat entertainment center. The DVD player seemed to work but no picture on the display, so the dealer paid to swap it out for a new aftermarket one. It has it's own DVD player built-in, so we pulled the factory DVD player from the center console. That leaves behind a few holes and a plastic 'wall' divider in the main center console compartment. Do the Tundras without the entertainment center have just a big smooth compartment? Looking at the parts catalogs hasn't so far given me any answers. I also have video inputs and headphone jacks for the rear seat that are now dead. It looks like I can switch out the video inputs for a 'pocket'. If the headphone jacks were gone I assume they would just be blank covers.

I can post pics if it would help, but I'm just seeing if I can get more functional space in there.

Thanks in advance.
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