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I've been looking all over for the right set up. I'm getting frustrated with the lack of options. So, I'll turn it over to the experts. Here's what I would like:

I'll be having a Pro Comp 6" stage 2 lift installed on my 2012 DC 4x4 Tundra SR5.

I want black wheels with the lowest offset I can get away with, preferably 0 or negative. I will be putting 35x12.50 Wrangler MTR's on them. 17" or 18" wheels. I like a spoked design that is easy to clean out. Something simple, but decent looking, such as the Ultra Crusher or Level 8 Strike 6.

Most of the wheels I've found that will fit a Tundra have 25mm or more of offset. Is that what I need? I'd like the tires to stick out further than that if feasible. What are my best options?
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