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What aftermarket speakers do you have installed in your doors?

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I am wanting to upgrade my door speakers in my 2010 DC. What speakers are you using? Components or not?
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Hertz - before they took away their orange cones though... what a shame :(
Crutchfield had a great sale on Infinity Kappas when I did mine. Sound pretty good.
JL Audio C2 series components.
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JL C-3 front and back 6.5"
JL audio CX somethings... Component speakers. Front and rear in my CM. Got them second hand, they work fine and they are loud with JL amp.
Boston Acoustic all around with recently replaced rear tweeters with Kenwood Excelon

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Pioneer TS-D1702C's in the fronts and Boston Acoustics SC65's in the rears.

Going to swap the fronts for some JBL MS-62C's this weekend to see if they are better than the Pioneers.
JL C2 components up front and C2 coax in the rear doors, looking to upgrade soon I think to maybe Rainbow Germaniums or try out the Hertz, not sure yet.
Polk Audio DXi690. The local stereo shop owner has a Crewmax with a full Hertz system with two JL Audio W7's and I must say it sounds so clean, nothing stupid loud like some subs and stereos you hear. I'm gonna try to copy his system here soon. If you're looking to add a subwoofer definitely look into the W7's! I have a 10" Kicker Solo-baric L7 and I love it but the JL Audio W7 better imho.
Hybrid Audio Technology (HAT) Legatia L8 8.5-inch midbass. I have HAT L3 midrange and LPG 26NA tweeters in the dash/A-pillar locations.

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Hertz ESk163L in the front and Hertz ESk 165 in the rear doors
I'm on the fence on the Hybrids and the Hertz, just mentioned above.
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