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Weight Distributing Hitch setup

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Wanted to get vehicle specific info on this subject. I have a 2007 Jayco 19H TT that we will be taking on a 14 day road trip in June/July, and typically take quite a few trips per year (had a new daughter in December so our camping is slow right now). I have been towing it with my CM with Airlifts and a Toytec AAL without any sagging issues but have decided that the benefits in an emergency situation make the WDH worth purchasing. Trailer has a GVWR of 4550#, with a 15% TW that would give me around 683# TW without anything in the bed when fully loaded. I am looking at Camco WDH's with 800# bars and 1000# bars. The 1000# bars are about $40 less and have more wiggle room, but are they too much for this setup? Can I jump up to the 1000# bars or stick with the 800# bars?
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I have an Outback 300bh - 32'8" with the Reece Dual Cam - 800lb bars. No issues what so ever....possibly trading in 08 dbl for 13 dbl, then adding Timbrens in the rear.
I drop 4 links with my 800's. Pretty level ride...minor dip. loaded bed with 3 coolers of beer, wood, grill, blocks.

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If I were to guess, mine is squatting about 3/4 to 1" or so...2 1/2 sounds like a lot. How many links do you have hanging? What is the height of the ball on level ground? What about the toung on level ground. I know I have mine almost lined up before hook up on level ground.
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