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Volant CAI w/TBS 2013

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After reading reviews and comparisons and watching video - I decided to go with the Volant CAI. Ordered from New Level Motor Sports - Car & Truck Accessories, Cold Air Intakes, Flash Tuners, Headers Exhaust & More (used discount code "twenty") for a whopping total $279.87. Shipping was fast. After reading about throttle body spacers I decided to pass, however, one came with the CAI, so I phased the install: CAI only first then added the TBS later.

From reading the older reviews, I would say CAI quality from Volant has improved. No plastic tailings, holes were perfectly spaced, it came with a phone spacer and fit snug against the sidewall of the pickup and there are threaded metal holes now to mount the sensor. Adding the TBS snugged up the fit even tighter.

My TRD exhaust was already throaty - I wouldn't say it got louder after CAI install, however, the camber of the exhaust moved up the RPM scale. A bit softer at idle and bigger at higher RPMs. TBS didn't seem to change the sound at all. No whistling with this install either (happy about that - some like it).

I wouldn't say the CAI changed my mileage at all, maybe the HP increased some - what it did do was even out the touch of the accelerator; this was an improvement. Alas, I was hoping for better mileage - at least it didn't get worse.

In the second phase of the install, I added the TBS - I believe after adding this, my in town mileage increased about 1 mpg - no change on the highway end. No other noticeable changes so I left it in place.


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Looks good! I just installed mine and so far mpg looks slightly better. It sounds awesome! I'm considering the tbs but from what most say its a waste of cash. I'm glad to hear you picked up atleast one mpg
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