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Hey Gang,
I really want to buy some new wheels soon, but I don't know if I can swing getting new tires at the same time. I currently have stock wheels, and want to go to a 18x9. Can I get away with using my Cooper tires (255/70/18) until I save a little more coin for something bigger? I ask, because everything I can find about the stock wheel size is that is a 18x8" and uses these tires. Is there any issue there? Will going from a 18x8 to a 18x9 wheel force me to buy new tires too?


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I think you could get away with it but if it was me, I would save the coins up for tires. Many times, if you purchase the wheels and tires together you can save a buck or two. I would prefer my wheels visiting the tire mounting machine as few times as possible. Less opportunity for damage.
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