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I recently purchased the Griots 6 in polisher swirl remover kit which included FG400, SI1500, SF4000 and PowerLock with the uber 5 pad color set. I would like to know which color pad and speed to use with each product. I read I should use black with PowerLock, green with SF4000 and orange with SI1500. Should I be using the yellow or orange pad with FG400 or should I purchase a microfiber pad from uber or surbuf?

More info : 13CM Black Platinum purchased over Memorial Day weekend which came with the dealer installed swirls.

Here's the cliff notes:

In this order,

FG 400 - orange or yellow pad. Surbuf pad for heavy correction. Griots on 4-5

SIP 1500 - orange pad - Griots on 3-4

SF 4000 - green pad - Griots on 3

PowerLock - black finishing pad - Griots on 2-3 with slow passes.

To elaborate on the first part, an orange pad is a good starting pad with FG 400. If you feel or see that it's not cutting into the damaged areas, jump up to a yellow foam pad and take another pass. Wipe and inspect. FG 400 is a great cutting compound, and it finishes down very nice. If you need even more cut, an Über MF or Surbuf combined with FG 400 will clear up most problems.

Once you find your correct pad and polish combo, you can save time by just polishing over your first pass with your second step polish. Say you start with 400 and an orange pad then need to do 1500 and 4000. Do your first step of 400, do not buff it off, leave it on. Switch pads and go right over it with 1500. Switch pads again and finish it off with 4000..... then buff that off. With this technique you're only buffing off one layer instead of three. Saves a lot of time.

Good luck! Please post up some pics before, during and after.

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