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So your AFR was pretty flat across the rpm range with no spikes prior to the Unichip?
I just ordered a wideband so I can test a little ******* way I'm thinking to lean out the AFR for under $100. Plus once I go FI it will be good to have.

Post MAF un-metered air leak controlled by a solenoid at WOT??? Will it work? I'll find out soon unless someone gives me a good reason not to. It should lean the AFR out, but the real question is will it advance timing at all? I'll use some OBD2 scanner software I have to monitor.
I think the O2 sensors will still notice it... I dunno for sure tho. May be worth a try for the track...

I also had several discussions with Uni, I think it was even Jack whom I had talked to...

I learned that even if you make more power you may not see much if any gain in 1/4 mile times on a stockish truck. The truck still has torque management (more or less) and it is a smart bitch and tries to save itself...

Meaning, if you launch hard with a uni, the truck will still limit the power to the trans if it see's it is operating outside of normal characteristics....

He also told me to try doing roll-ons vs launching, and it actually made a difference, a big difference. Once the truck is moving and doing 3-5 and then tromp it it pulls harder than just launching. At first I thought he was bs'ing me but he isn't. Uni can and will make more power in most cases, however if that power can't be put to the ground when you want it then most will not be happy.

Now as for the afr ratio, Damn, that is pig rich. On my quad I am looking more around 13.5-14:1 or so if I remember correctly for tuning with an afr monitor installed. ( I have one, haven't installed it yet... Need to, then need to find all the notes on tuning it with an afr monitor for power)
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