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While warming up my truck tonight, I looked at the time/temp display on my dash and realized it's tilted slightly to the right. Upon further inspection I noticed the top dash is sort of wavy, with a high and low spot.

I can maybe understand this warping if I lived in Phoenix, Arizona during the summer, but up here in Oregon, it just doesn't get that hot. Anybody else experiencing this?
It is a known Q.C. problem with Tundra dashes sinking to one side. Not just the older tundra's. I've heard of 2 other cases here on TT with people that own 2010 and a 2011.. Anyway's take it to your dealer.. They are aware of the sinking dash problem.. It's on there dime.. If they say they have never heard of it.. There full of $h!t.. Go to Tundra and there's a full write up on this very subject..
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