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Hey Guys,

I've done a lot of searching but I can't seem to find what I need to please help! :) I'm trying to juggle between two options right now with my 2013 CM non-JBL system with prewire for backup camera. The truck comes with a homelink mirror which is using the harness up front.

First Option: (Getting a prewired kit from Sparks)

The only one I found is this:

REARSIGHT Camera Rear View Mirror Monitor Prewired Kit at Sparks Toyota-Scion, Myrtle Beach, SC

But there is warning that says that 2012s have to be SR5 or higher for this to work. I'm assuming this also applies to 2013s? Also I i'm assuming the kit comes with harnesses that connect directly into the factory wiring correct? All the other kits I see require routing of cables and spliting into lines. I tried this before and I do not want to do that.

Second Option: (Purchasing a factory Navigation Unit)

Occasionally I see a complete navi unit on sale for a good price and they seem to be complete. My truck already comes with steering mounted controls and mic so I believe the kit will just be plug and play. But i'm wondering how the backup camera hooks up to it, is the factory wiring smart enough to route the camera from the homelink mirror harness to the navigation unit instead if I just purchase a camera for the tailgate? Or is there something else that prevents this from working?

Thanks in advance guys, I really like to get a backup camera hooked up immediately! The length of the truck is making it hard for me to back out of tight parking spots.
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