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Hello everyone. I just purchased my 2nd Tundra and finally got around to signing up to this forum. I bought a 08 SR5 2 years ago to tow my race car at the time. It was an excellent truck but I got very tired of towing and took a year off and tracked a street car. Now that my car is getting closer to being a race car again, I needed another truck to tow with.

I toyed with different options and landed on a Tundra again. I found this very lightly used 08 Tundra with only 15k miles on it locally. The truck was garage kept by the previous owner who had many other toy and play trucks. He bought this rig brand new and built it as soon as he got it as an adventure rig for rock climbing, scuba gear, etc but ended up never utilizing it after he had kids.

I ended up with a pretty good deal on it and jumped on it. It wasn't my ideal choice due to the lift kit but I loved the bed setup and the low miles. I also thought it looked badass and the price was right.

As far as the race car, it is a setup for the new NASA TT5 class. I run the NASA NE and ME regions so the truck with be going far north as Watkins Glens, NY and down south to VIR in Alton VA.

Here is a build thread of the race car on the S2000 forum. It includes that car as well as some of my other previous toys that include an NSX, numerous Corvettes, Supra, Cayman, etc.

As far as the truck, it is uber clean throughout as expected for a garage kept 15k mile vehicle. It has a 6" Pro Comp Stage 2 lift kit and 35's all around. It has a carpeted bed and a Leer Cap. Misc stuff is a bunch of stereo and dress up stuff.


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