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tundra front girll

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looking for a grill with the Word TOYOTA like the old school Toyota's had instead of the Toyota emblem . any ideas??
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best bet is to custom make one. you can do it through satoshi but gets pricey.
Old school land cruisers if u search tacomaworld, u will find guys using them,
how do you like the BAMuffler i just ordered one for my truck!!! ive heard good things. :)
thanks for the help looks like ill have to make it my self. hopefully i can find it on an old Toyota and incorporate it into my grill.
Yeah I got mine done by these guys and it was cheap.. I think it was around $50 shipped!! You can get them a little smaller if you want. Maybe even get it so there all attached...

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MadManTund...I desire your grille!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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