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Oh my lord!! The first pictures kinda made me sick at my stomach but the after pics look better than my truck that I baby!! I'm going after work and buying everything Mcguires I can get my hands on and cleaning up my truck this weekend!!!

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^^Oh my Lord is right. Kevin that is one awesome job and I think that given you probably added $5K on the resale value before and after, $2K is a deal. Two words I can think of are "Incredible and Miraculous". I am guessing you do this professionally? I have seen that "Meguiars" brand in Kmart, Cost U Less and Napa Stores around here and have not thought much about it. I am definitely gonna stop at the next car care section and look at that. The products are good but you can truly tell what made the difference is the care to detail you took.


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Hey all... thanks for the kind words! I finally put my pics of this detail on my Photobucket, so I decided to post the write up in this thread. It's been awhile since I did the detail, but the pics will show that no matter the condition of YOUR truck... it can be cleaned!!!

We all like to read about detailing, especially when it’s done to exotic cars. Reality is, most of us work on common vehicles, and I am no exception. Although I do get to work on some really trick rides, I’ve washed & detailed thousands of daily drivers.

Recently, I spent some time detailing a Toyota Tundra. It had logged 77k miles in about 1-1/2 years, and was used as a work truck. The owner decided to have it cleaned up, as it was no longer going to be used in the field. A friend of mine asked if I could do the truck. The owner of the truck has given my friend lots of work, so it was important that the truck be done right. Here’s some pics of the detail.

I did not plan on doing a write-up... I took pictures for my own reference.
Consequently, I didn’t get all the shots I should have (such as a finalized engine). I think you’ll get the idea, though.

The truck was used off-road quite a bit. Dirt and tar are plentiful.

More dirt PLUS a lot of bugs litter the radiator area.

The engine looks as if it’s ten years old.

The wheels are hammered, and feature bush & dirt scratches, with a dose of tar.

Hood area matches the rest of the truck: Dirty.

Making our way to the interior, more of the same.

Doorjambs, carpet and the rest will need thorough cleaning.

Removal of the kickpanels reveal electronics I don’t want to get wet!

Doorpanels were removed to properly clean the backsides, speakers, & grills.
Window rubbers and felts are much easier to access this way, too.

Shot of the door panel.

Gauges are dirty and the plastic fascia very scratched.

Under the dash reveals a grimy a/c area and airbag.

A pile of easy to remove parts that will be thoroughly cleaned and reinstalled.

Air vents are pretty loaded with dirt and old interior dressing.

Driver’s seat removed.
The center console and carpet were much easier to clean, too.

See? Incredibly, the carpet was not too bad in the rest of the truck.

That's where that cookie went!

Exterior- Needs a lot of attention.

M105 applied by hand will tackle the areas which cannot be machine polished.

There were MANY scratches- Some required 2500 grit sanding.

Some scratches were very deep. This one was only partly removed.
It was hard to locate it once the polishing was done, as the scratch-edges were smoothed...

Lots of heavy scuffs that were completely removed via M105.

A test spot helps dial-in the polishing system. M105. Okay, that way easy.

This scratch was deep. It really stood out, so I had to sand it with 2500.

Gonna have to leave it like this and polish to an acceptable finish.

Meguiar’s Detailer D103 All Purpose Cleaner Plus was used throughout the interior.
No extractor, here... Just APC+, water, brushes, and a Craftsman wet/dry vac.
Towels and a warm summer day handle the drying duties.
Carpets are rinsed until dirt & APC+ is removed.

Door sills are cleaned easily.
Meguiar’s M40 Vinyl/Rubber Cleaner & Conditioner applied for beauty & protection.

Small parts are cleaned. Electronic buttons, such as this were cleaned sans water.
A dry towel & horsehair brush to clean. G134 Exterior Trim Coating to dress.
No water, so it’s safer to use around electronics (versus traditional dressings).

My helper, Annie, is not much help.

Under dash components are cleaned (to a degree). Not perfect, but pretty good.

Vents cleaned with APC+, agitated, and a pressure washer rinse.
Once dried, Exterior Trim Coating adds sheen without stickiness.

Results of APC+, thorough cleaning & vaccuuming, & M40.
Rest assured, carpet is super-clean.

Glove box hinges & latches are free of sticky dressing & gritty dirt.
Water-spots & dust particultate handled upon final wipedown.

Plastic gauge fascia polished via M105 & Meguiar’s Ultimate Wipe.
All other dash areas cleaned with APC+. M40 & G135 protect & beautify.

Pressure washer, towels, & vacuum super-sanitize center console.
Not shown- Two other cubby areas & cupholders built into console. They looked good.

Headliner cleaned up nicely with APC+ and a bit of lacquer thinner.

Seatbelts cleaned with APC+, a green Scotchbrite, and a pressure washer.
Fully extend seatbelts to outside of cab, shut door, clean.
Areas that cannot be pulled outside of cab surround with towels and vacuum excess water.
Wipe aggressively with towels, and leave fully extended to air-dry.

Under-seat areas were dialed in by hand. Yellow wiring means airbag!

Doorjambs cleaned just like the engine bay.
Rinse with deionized water, mist on APC+, & agitate with a brush & sponge.
Then, use Meguiar’s Detailer D130 Body Solvent to remove stuck-on tar & dirt-embedded grease.
These particular jambs had a lot of calcium deposits (as did the emblems).
An application of Meguiar’s Detailer D32 Wire Wheel Cleaner handled the situation.
Mist, agitate, & rinse. A soapy-water rinse negates acid remnants.

Meguiar’s Detailer D140 Wheel Brightener cleans the wheels.
Meguiar’s Detailer D130 Body Solvent removes tar speckles.
Meguiar’s M105 Ultra Cut Compound used to polish wheels.
I was able to use my Metabo SXE400 random-orbital with 3” foam pads to apply.

Meguiar’s Detailer D108 Super Degreaser cleans tires, fenderwells, & mudflaps.
Meguiar’s D170 Hyper Dressing diluted 50/50 with water used to dress tire tread & fenderwells.
Meguiar’s M40 Vinyl & Rubber Cleaner/Conditioner used to dress sidewalls & mudflaps.

Cowl area cleaned with APC+, than dressed with M40.
All exterior glass polished M105, applied with Metabo & a 3” foam pad.
Residue removed with D112 Super Soap and water. Pressure washer rinse.
Windshield edges carefully scraped with a razor blade.

Underhood looks fresh again.

Grill cleaned with APC+, then acid, then soap, and finally dressed with M40.

Radiator support- Sorry, no pic of the radiator & support... DOH!

Undercarraige looks respectable again.
Tailpipe cleaned with APC+, acid, Soap rinse.
Wish I’d seen the scratches on the tip- M105 would have removed them easily!

It’s these areas that really make a detail right- Time-consuming, but what a difference.

Emblems cleaned via APC+ & a toothbrush & ventsbrush.
After a soapy water rinse, acid is applied & agitated.
Water rinse again. After machine paint-polishing, M105 is applied by hand to and around
the emblem. Soapy water is applied via trigger bottle, agitated, & pressure washer rinsed.

This is the spot where that big scratch was- Look closely and you can still see it.

From most angles, and in most light situations, it’s hardly noticeable.

Pickup bed looks nice.

Side shot.

Doorhandles look clean and feel smooth. M105 & Ultimate Wipes did the trick.

Looks like a different truck.


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Wow. The only pic missing is the owners FACE hitting the floor when he saw it. He must've crapped a brick. :eek:

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Man, that was just amazin' - you've given me hpoe to get a serious scratch out from the bush before I have to give up the lease! And when I buy my next one some very good tips on how to keep that in better shape longer. Aswell as trying to find a real good detailer for when she'll need something more than I'll have time or patance for. Whewww, thanks man again for posting this thread and for the re-post because I and probably some others didn't see the first time around. Sanchez

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Great work. I did my MIL's Oldsmobile one time and it was just about as bad as that.
I didn't go as far as pulling the vents and stuff out. I did spend one full day on the outside and one full day on the inside.

Anyway, Great work.

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Nice work. That is one hell of a task and you did a hell of job. Good luck with the next ones.

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I'm pretty sure that detail cost upwards of 800+...the real question is, is this truck worth that much to have it detailed.

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I am absolutely speechless, You could have told me you bought him a new truck and i would have believed it.

I had no idea you could turn a truck around like that!


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Incredible job! To the OP, if you are still checking this thread, I noticed that you didn't mention using a clay bar on the truck. Did you use one, and why or why not? Thanks!

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I love detailing MY Tundra...but, I couldn't imagine putting that effort into someone else's! Truly inspiring work. I have been a fan of Maguiar's for about 30years. This certainly supports my alegiance! Thanks for the post and the link.

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Words can't describe you do good work.
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