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Hello all... Iam new here and have read some previous threads and just thought I'd post my own issues with my tundra
My Toyota is a 2018 Tundra Offroad Crewmax, the problems started with a small rattley sound coming from the passenger side dash near the pillar, now I'm sure a lot has to do with the cold weather in Ontario right now but the noises get worse the colder it gets...
Today I took my truck in for service at a Toyota dealership for it's first oil change and had them take a look into the sound, when they told me my truck was done the tech said he put some foam near where he thought it was coming from and that he didn't notice the noise to be as bad during his road test... My drive home seemed to be better until after I got home and then had to go back out a few hours later I started my truck and instantly heard a new noise now coming from the foot area on the passenger side and I can also hear it under the hood near the cowl where the heat would be blown into the truck I guess... The noise is definitely connected to when the fan is on but does not change when the fan is increased and when turned off the sound is completely gone

Any suggestions would be much appreciated and I am going to call the dealership in the morning and try and find out from the tech that did the work what and where exactly he put the foam in the dash to see if that could lead me to this new sound.
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