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Hi there. I was just wondering if the Tundra engineering team is doing anything to improve crash safety ratings on future Tundra trucks specifically the crewmax and how poorly it did in the small overlap where the dummies legs were completely crushed. Sad to see a company like Toyota with the potential it has to make a truck that was beaten in all safety ratings by the Ford F150.
(here's the iihs link Vehicle details ) Meanwhile Ford shows that they actually care about improving them when the extended cab did poorly they improved it in the next model year which just goes to show that they strive to have the best safety in a timely manner. Also if there is working being done to improve the small overlap crash ratings etc will it be reinforced on both sides so both the passenger and driver receive the same protection in small overlap etc which seems to be the trickiest one for manufactures especially trucks to do well in. ( Passengers at risk in small overlap crashes )

I hate to look like an over afraid buyer but it just turns me away when I see a crash test rating for such an awesome truck perform so bad. Would hate to end up in a small overlap crash and lose my legs just because I was driving a Tundra instead of an Ford. Also it would be probably way to much for anyone to ask but will you guys ever improve the fuel economy? Like maybe an auto trans with more speeds etc? If the crash ratings were improved I would buy the truck in a heartbeat but having a family it's hard to buy it knowing the ratings the way it is.

Thanks, Kenny
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