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Bought Method Double Standards 18x9 +25 machined and clear coated wheels. I really like that look and don't want to change rims. Putting in a 3/1 Toytec Boss with Tuff Country UCAs. Tuff Country Uniballs says you can't run the UCA with any more than 5.5 BS (+12). So I ordered 3/4"(18mm) Bora wheel spacers (couldn't find a bolt on 1/2"). That puts me at +6 (5.25 BS). I really would like to run 325/65r18 or maybe could settle for 325/60r18, but from all I've read on here that even with a BM mod I'll probably rub. Can I put in the 3/1 and not the UCA to gain offset back to +25 or am I stuck putting on 305/65r18 and using the Tuff's.
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