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Hey everyone! I'm brand new to this site and I was hoping to get some help and also give it when I can. I was a Toyota mechanic a few years ago until I joined the Marine Corps. So there is some Toyota knowledge still left in my brain housing group!

Anyway, I was hoping to get some help with this one. I have a 2006 Tundra DC XSP package. I lost my keys about 2 years ago and last week just got around to replacing the key fob. I ordered one from Amazon and I cant get my vehicle to enter programming mode. So, I have no idea on wether this fob will work or not. I am using the FSM for programming and after the lock/unlock sequence the door locks will not operate automatically verifying it has entered programming mode. I've done the steps a hundred times!

I did replace my key, but it wasnt chipped just a metal key, nothing special that I am aware of.

If I could get some help on this, that would be great. really dont know where to go on this.....
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