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Which Wheel/Tires??

  • 18x8" Steelies - 325/60/18 w/ Spacers

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • 20x8" TRD Sport wheels - 305/55/20 w/ Spacers

    Votes: 1 16.7%
  • 18x9.5" V-tec raptors - 325/60/18

    Votes: 5 83.3%
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Alright I'm at a bit of a crossroads here guys, and trying to determine which wheel/tire set up to go with:

I want something more aggressive in an offroad sense, even though I'm not going to be lifting my truck. Only using Coachbuilder's front shims to level it out left to right.

Here's my ideas: and I am probably going to get Nitto Terra Grapplers or Trail Grapplers.

1. Stock steelies (currently have 275/55/18 Toyo AT tires). I would get 325/60/18 tires for these and get 1.5" wheel spacers. Cost out of pocket: $1350.

2. TRD sport 20x8" wheels that currently have street tires (Nitto NT420S) on them. Bump these up to 305/55/20 and get wheel spacers. Cost out of pocket: $1400

3. V-Tec Raptor wheels. 18x9.5 +25mm offset. (I already have 2 wheels) Get 325/60/18 tires for these as well. Total cost out of pocket: $1300.

Honestly. I'm leaning towards the Raptors. This way I have the TRD sport wheels and tires for road trips/track use. Then have the steelies to use and beat up in the winter. Thoughts/input/suggestions??


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V-trek, only because I don't like wheel spacers for off-road trucks and too wide tires on 8 inch wide wheels. In terms of looks, I like TRD Sport Wheel.
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