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Well is there way to get it to shift more firmly. I come from old GM Hydromatic and torque flights were all you had to do was swamped fluids or throw in some tricks shift or put a heavier weight on the governor and bam you got firmer faster shifts. Is there any cheap and easy ways to do the same principle here. Or has anybody found a hack or something along the lines to do that.

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Yea no I'd rather buy it and install it then make it. But like the old th350s you but the VB spacer and throw in some trick shift or typeF and for like 150 and an hour your chirping gears

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The type of transmissions that accept those mods have been gone for 20+ years... What's the last truck you drove? lol. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of how easy it is to work on older vehicles, its just that everything's been electronically controlled since the early 90's, including GM vehicles.
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