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I came from an f150 failed attempt myself, my opinions on the differences.

f150 had a slightly rougher ride, this is offroad and onroad

f150 had slightly easier steering due to electric steering

f150 had cheaper interior materials such as leather and plastic pieces, several things did not fit together well such as the overhead bin for sunglasses

f150 had some great ideas/technology on the sync system... when it worked correctly

f150 ecoboost had worse mileage than my 5.7 tundra pulling and unloaded, remember the good mileage on the EB comes from the lower gear ratios such as the 3.55 rear end , where as the Tundra with towing package runs the higher rear end.

As for the problems I'll just copy and paste the list I sent to the Ford Rep...this is after 3 dealers wouldn't do anything.

Engine Related

1. Upon cold start the engine vibrates as if it is missing until it warms up. Engine also smokes a good amount when cold starting.

2. Upon cold startup intermittently there is a high amount of whining from either a fan or turbos on the truck.

3. Upon cold start there is an intermittent sluggishness or loss of power when accelerating. Also while this is happening a good amount of smoke is produced from the tail pipe.

4. While on the highway attempting to pass or accelerating onto a ramp the vehicle intermittently loses power when accelerating, vehicle does shake a bit while this is happening. Usually have to back off the gas and let the truck coast to get this to clear up.

5. At a stop randomly the truck will start shaking, feeling like it is missing, usually lasts 20-30 seconds and then clears up.

6. Truck oil was changed at 1526 miles, vehicle was left draining for approximately 30 minutes to get as much of the oil out as possible. Replaced oil with Pennzoil Platinum 5w30, and K&N oil filter. Oil analysis was done at 2812 miles showing high fuel dilution, silicone, aluminum, and copper contents. The oil analysis recommended changing the oil with only 1300 miles on the oil and filter.

7. Truck fuel mileage is decreasing on a regular basis, on original purchase date highway mileage was averaging 19.5 mpg hand calculated. Over the last 1500-2000 miles the truck has averaged 15.5 mpg hand calculated.

Cosmetic/Electronic Related

8. Front passenger door does not open everytime, usually takes a couple of tries to open the door.

9. Truck computer resets running boards randomly. They sometimes will not come out and if set to out position will randomly retract without my input. System also disables the AUTO running board features periodically and I have to go in and reset the running boards to AUTO.

10. Truck SYNC system randomly resets phones and loses connectivity.

11. Truck remote does not work sometimes, usually takes 3-4 tries before the remote will unlock or lock the vehicle, this is random and sometimes it works flawlessly.
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