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Hi everyone
First post here. I have been a Tundra owner since 2002. I now own a 2014 and very much love the new gen.
I have a question for everyone.
My wheel sensors rusted and got destroyed by a tire dealer. Can I use the sensors out of a 2006 Toyota Corolla?
What do I need to look for on the sensor?

I would just order ones for the Tundra...prices aren't that bad online. They are programmed to the truck by the serial number that is on them. It is done with the Techstream software. Many of us have the software and may find someone on the forum that is local to you and will help you out. Just remember to take pictures of each sensors serial numbers and what position they are located in before they are installed. The other option is get them installed and then see if the Toyota dealer will program for free...they have a handheld scanner.
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