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Name: Power
Model: Tuff tonneau by Extang
Purchased: Early 2011
Price: Approximately $250.
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.
Worked as expected for a basic cheap tonneau.

It has held up well, cover wearing at the corners, starting to split. It has a 10 year tarp warranty. Can get a new one anytime, will if I keep the current truck.

Pretty water tight for the first 4.5 years, in the last year it started to take on water during washes or heavy storms. The weatherstripping under the frame has started to deteriorate causing leaks from the rail cap area.

It is a peel and seal, basically a soft plastic J channel dealie. Works good, goes on even in winter if I open it.

Has two settings for cross bars. High/tighter, and low profile. Always used only the low profile.

Tensions when you close it and has two click in tabs (one on each corner) that lock it down. Can't be opened unless the tailgate is open. Can't peel it open either, could try, but when under tension it is actually really tight.

Works for the cargo system channels, and also without. I have the cargo management dealie. The clamps fit into the rails.

Only cons are the leakage from the weatherstripping, which is due to age. The cover itself starting to split at the corners, again, warranty, so no deduction there. When you roll it up, it doesn't roll super tight, rubs on the cab, found out and since then I roll it around a tie down strap and pull it back when I am toting the quad.

The clamps limit where you can move the tie down cleats in the channels, not a big deal, I set them where I needed and haven't had to move them in 5+ years. Set two in back of the clamps for rear tie-down, and two in front of the clamps for front tie downs. Don't really need much more than that with only a 5.5' bed imo, at least I haven't.

Once the frame clamps loosened and shifted, not sure why, had to re-center and it has been good since. Added blue loctite.

That is it. Pretty straightforward and good for a cheap tonneau. It is not as nice as a lot out there, but it does the job very well, and with new weather stripping and a new tarp would be great again. I am sure they would cover the weatherstripping under warranty also.

Don't have any pics, but it has been in my exhaust sound clips years ago, and is on my truck in all my pics I have ever posted other than the very first one when it was bone stock in the suspension/rancho lift pics.

If I replace the truck it is a toss up between another Tuff Tonneau, or an Encore from Extang. I like the easy removal of the Encore, and the fact that it seems slightly more secure. Downside would be that if I remove it and go on a trip, once the quad is out I can not re-cover the bed and leave ramps/gear in it and have it be covered. Also not sure how weather tight the Encore would be with the rubber ripped weatherstripping. It has several sections with separations where it pivots.

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So the saga continues. I've received a repair kit that only lasted for few months. I am back to square ZERO again with a broken cover. They offered me 30% on a future purchase but is not gonna cut it for me. This is CLEARLY a design issue and BAK is not stepping up to replacing their defective product. What a DISASTER

First Name: Ethan
Product Purchased: Tonneau BAK Industries R15410 - Purchased 2 1/2 years ago.
Vehicle Installed on: 2013 Toyota Tundra SR5 Crew Cab
Rating(1-5 Star): 0 ZERO
Absolutely HORRIBLE:

See my full review :

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Just installed. Love the way it offsets all the blue of the truck. Sits nice on the truck and easy install right into the factory bed rails. Will report back after some of the Virginia weather puts it through its paces.

Semper Fi,

Can you open the tailgate when the cover is down?
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