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Nitto and toyo are sister companies. Manufactured in the same plant. Toyos rubber compound is a little bit harder than nitto. Nitto muds sound like you are driving a 747 down the road! Annoying loud! Toyo mt are great, although I've heard about the pulling right issue I've never had that issue. Plus they last for 50k+ which is Pretty sweet for a mud tire. I've never ran the nitto trails so I don't know how they truely are. They look great and aren't as loud as nitto mudders though.

I'm running general red letters and I like them a lot. Have put 25k+ on them and they are on the down side of 50% tread so I'm guessing they'll die around 40-45k
We shall see!

Not sure if ill run general red letters again or go back to toyo mt's. Ill prob just go with the tires I get the best price on.

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1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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