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I know this subject has been beat to death, but I just wanted to comment on the towing mirror by K Source. It fits perfectly over the back of the factory mirror and literally clips on in seconds. The clips are way better than they may look to you.
Takes a few minutes to adjust passenger side, but that's minimal...This thing looks factory!!

It's called the Snap n Zap Towing Mirror. You all may already know about it.
You can use it to tow, or only for blind spots as well and still have full view in factory mirror.
***You could also make chrome mirrors look black with these. (It fits over the chrome)

I bought a set for my 2017, but I put a set on my 2011 as well... Same set fits 2008 to current.
It is stable with no vibration and I just can't say enough how pleased I am with it.
It's a nice close fit and you can still leave it on when folding your mirror in.
The best price I've found is on amazon. Tried to put a link up, wont work. mirrors/R184305P2017Y610MA.html
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