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Do yourself a favor. Get the Torque App, install it on a 7" or 10.1" Android tablet computer or a large screen Android smartphone and use it on your trip. There are a number of threads here on TT that discuss configuring it to monitor your Tundra's various systems. I use this app whenever I tow to monitor the coolant temp, Tranny Temp, Tranny Pan Temp and other things. The Tundra is a great truck and the Torque App is a great tool to have when towing.
Have you ever caught anything while using this App that you had to make an adjustment for? Ie. high tranny temps?

The instrument panel has a tranny temp gauge, but I'm pretty sure the needle will only move past 'normal' if things get bad because I've never seen mine move up at all while towing.

I could see monitoring things super close if you're towing crazy heavy. With a stock Tundra towing a reasonable load (6-8,000lbs), I'd think you're pretty safe to just assume Toyota built the truck to do the job without breaking a sweat?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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