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towed for the first time

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Brought home the arctic fox 25P from Sumner Rv to Wenatchee. Two mountain passes and a total of 160 miles. The Tundra did great and averaged 55 - 65 all the way. Gas mileage was not the greatest, got about nine miles per gallon according to the computer. Dry weight is about 6700lbs. Used a wdh. People at Sumner RV are great to work with as they set up the hitch and also the P-3 brake controller I installed. Hope to get a little better mpg when not going over the passes.
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Good luck with mpg. I tow a 30ft bunk house and get 8.6 every time. Speed doesn't seem to matter nor do hills. Towed it to the mountains and the beach. Always 8.6

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Congrats on the new trailer. I have towed my trailer from Maryland to South Dakota and also Maine. Both trips averaged about 9 mpg traveling 60 to 65. Headed to Arkansas this spring and expect the same kind of mileage. The weight of the trailer is not the biggest issue with the MPG. It is the huge frontal area of the trailer. Like dragging a big sail behind you.
Good luck and enjoy the trips.
Good luck and congrats on the new camper. Gas milage is always bad with the 5.7 I pull a 7600 lbs 5W and I get 8 MPH. I try to keep the speed below 65 MPH, seems to help a little.
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