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this has been driving me insane trying to find what it is: Inceasingly louder rattle and vibration coming from drivers side top of motor somehere under oil filler cap area which cycles on and off every 10 seconds or so - starting around 2 mins after cold engine start once it starts to warm a little, gets louder and louder each cycle, and then just all of a sudden stops 5 min later when the motor warms up completely and the idle settles down. It's not there when immediately started and revs are very high, it's not there when the engine is totally warm. It seems to cycle on and off with something else that causes a slight change in engineer pitch until it's warm in short cycles as described. So frustrating as no one can catch it when it's happening except me. It started about a year ago and just keeps getting worse. It's not cycling with the AC motor, I've tried flushing, changing to 0w30 synthetic etc..nothing routine maintenance wise seems to work. I have a 2011 had since new and now has 150km on it. I've had several people look at it that have either no idea what it is or they tell me I'm crazy because it's warmed up already and they can't hear it.
I'm mechanically sound and can rebuild dirtbikes but never worked on a modern truck motor so don't know what I should tell the garage to look at and do so that I don't end up with a bill into the thousands for something not needed.
Any advice/help in what to say or do would be appreciated.


Mike (Alberta, Canada - 2011 crewmax 5.7 150km)
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