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I picked up a toolbox off Craigslist a while back for $85 (It was a $300+ toolbox new). I figured it would come in handy to keep some stuff in, emergency gear, tools, etc, for road trips and what not, and keep all that crap separated from our luggage and stuff. When I bought it, I just strapped it in my bed to secure it with a ratchet strap.

Went on a road trip recently, so I filled the toolbox up with a few things I might need (jack, jack stands, tools, ratchet straps, drop hitch, and a few other things I wanted locked up and out of my cab). However, I also wanted to keep my Tonnopro Tri-Fold cover on, to keep our luggage and gear dry. It was a PITA accessing the toolbox with the cover because it would only open a few inches before hitting the cover. So, I had to slide it out to load it, slide it back in and ratchet strap it, then slide it out to unload it when it was heavy. It was a PITA, so I wanted to figure out a way to:

1- Secure it
2- Make it easy to access
3- Make it easy to move around

Well, I thought about installing some kind of track system on the bed floor, so I could slide it back and forward, and also somehow secure it. But, I didn't want tracks installed on the bed floor for the entire length of the bed. Also, I'm not smart enough to figure out where to buy something like that, install it, and make it work. So, I picked up a few caster wheels from Ace Hardware :thumbsup:

So, with the wheels installed, I am able to move the toolbox forward and backward easily. I can move it backward, to clear the Trifold when folded all the way, then I have full access to the tool box :D

Then, I had to figure out a way to secure it. Ratchet strap would be fine, and keep it in place with no problem, but I wanted something a little trickier, and that would actually somewhat secure it to the truck, and make it a little more theft-proof...and at the same time, give me the ability to roll it around when needed :dunno:

Solution - I installed 2 bolts through the front of the bed box, and secured them to the bed box with lock washer and nut. Then I drilled 2 holes in the back of the tool box. To secure the tool box to the truck, I used a washer, lock washer and wing nut.

So now the tool box is secured to my truck, and is mobile :D With my bed cover installed, I can open the tool box up a little bit, unscrew the wing nuts, then roll the tool box all the way to the back of the truck so I can have full access to it :D

I know it's nothing super badass, but I did it, it is functional, and I'm happy with the results :woot:

Total cost of this project was the $85 for the toolbox, $20 worth of SS hardware and wheels from Ace Hardware, and 4 pints of PBR which cost $3.50 :beerchug:....


This is how it was before:

This is how much it opens before hitting my bed cover...not much room to reach in there and grab stuff

Caster wheels from Ace:

Trial and error :lol:
This is the first place I mounted the was a FAIL :banghead: The little channels on the bed floor were too skinny, and the wheels didn't have enough room to rotate and turn around when going back and foward...FML. So I had to relocate the wheels so they could roll on the wider floor channel thingies....

Wheels relocated, and they work perfectly now...

Here is the left bolt that I installed...with the help of my "daddy's big helper" :D

Here is the bolt I installed on the right side...

Hole in back of tool box...I made the holes a little bigger than the size of the bolts, to give me some wiggle room when pushing the toolbox onto the perfect..

Other hole in back of tool box...

Inside of tool box secured to bed with wing nut...

Other side of tool box secured to bed with wing nut...


Yup, there's enough room for me to reach in there and unscrew the wingnuts.. :D :woot:

Fully functional...unscrewed the wing nuts, rolled the tool box back, opened it all the way up, and started throwing some gear in it...

Some of the emergency gear I keep in it for now...

YES...a cooler IS an emergency item, and must always be kept in the truck :D

That's all.

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Not bad

Sent from my toilet.

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Not a worry in the world a PBR on the way, life is good today, life is good today...u even rock a beard like Zack Brown no? Anyways, nice job problem solved..******* ingenuity at its finest!!

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I realize this is an ancient thread but would like to see the pictures of what this guy did to make his own sliding toolbox! I need a better solution for my undercover toolbox being accessible also!

Anyone else have suggestions on a sturdy side mount toolbox that is NOT a swingcase?
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