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Hey guys,

Wife has a 2016 Sienna and I am considering a new Tundra.

I guess paper manuals have gone the way of the rotary telephone. I was spoiled by the availability and quality of the service manuals that were available on my previous Hondas.

Any other options besides a $400/yr subscription to TIS? Or the $15/3 day every time you need it?

I really wish Toyota would allow owners to get a lifetime subscription for one VIN at purchase for a fee. Even if it was $100-$200 that would be equivalent to what good service manuals used to cost.

I know Toyota is not in the business of keeping DIY'ers informed, thus taking away business from their dealerships.

ALL DATA goes up to 2015 on Toyota and looks like a good option once the car gets old enough to show up there.
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