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Hey everyone. Ever wonder how bigger tires or different gears will affect your speed? I have, and created this thread to help anyone else interested in the same type of change.

After using some online tools to calculate tire size and speed differences, I decided to create an Excel sheet that does it all for me. There are boxes to input axle ratio, transmission ratio, and tire size. There's even a Metric-to-Inch converter so you can see how tall a 305/65 R20 tire is. I can make a spot for width if requested.

It's really simple to use and I've included the values of the truck I personally have, an '09 5.7 TRD 4x4 DC w/towing and stock tires.

If you want to use the sheet for any other transmission, axle ratio, or tire size you can! An empty transmission gear ratio results in the corresponding columns have a - instead of a value. The speeds will reflect any change in the tire size and ratios. The RPM range is 500-7000 which should cover most vehicles on the road today. Sorry sportbikers :p

I originally created this after going to 31" tires on my 4Runner. The MPH values are dead-on with the speeds I recorded through my GPS unit and phone.

Here's a helpful link to other Toyota transmissions: 1997-2011 Toyota Transmissions

There are no copyrights associated with this file and is meant for free public use.
Speed and RPM Excel Sheet
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