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I have a set of MB Torque wheels with the following specs; 18X8.5 5-150 10SMF.
I am wanting to run Nitto Trail Grapplers in a 295/70/18. I am torn between the full OME kit with Dakar rear springs and a BDS 4.5 with CB shackles. I know that these are two different beasts in lifts.

I am thinking of the OME due to our family wanting a travel trailer and I have heard/read nothing but good things about the Dakar springs while towing. I want the BDS 4.5 due to thinking that I will not have any clearance issues with my wheels. I am hoping to not have to replace my wheels. I really like how they look.

My fear with the OME is that the 295's won't fit with a +10 offset. Almost all info I have read about figment issues has revolved around 9" wheels. If I am understanding offset correctly, my 8.5's should be 1/4" narrower than 9" wheels. This should effectively change my offset compared to a 9" wheel by about 6mm. Will these work with an effective 16mm offset with 295's?

Someone smarter than me in math figure this one out!

Time for suggestions, which kit and why, and will they rub with my wheels?
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