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I'm planning on getting a set of wheels and tires. For wheels, I'm going with KMC XD822 Monster II with an 18mm offset. I'm trying to determine if 275/70/18 BFGoodrich KO'2 will fit with no rubbing issues. I know those tires will fit on the stock rims but I'm not sure about how they will fit with the XD822's with the offset which will push the tires 1.65" out further than stock.

Next choice would be the same wheel but with a 295/70/18 tire but I'm not sure which one (maybe General Tire Grabber x3). I'm planning on buying through tire rack so I'm limited with choices that compare to the KO2. I do think I will have fitment issues with this setup though.

I've read through a lot of the 275/70 and 295/70 threads. I don't plan on any type of lift. Are there other places to buy tires and wheels to have them shipped to Maryland aside from tire rack? Discount tire doesn't have the setup I'm looking for if I'm having it shipped (unless I missed it). Thanks for any help or pics!
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