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I've been lurking for weeks and weeks while I shopped for my Tundra and custom parts. Thanks for all your contributions, especially pictures. In Hawaii everything is hard find, and of course you can't return anything you ship here. So all the reviews and comments and pics are very helpful.

On Monday will pick up my white 17 double cab. Already bought and am waiting for the arrival of:

TRD pro grille (not from Roman because shipping to Hawaii was $275).
Black 18" Velox wheels because only Costco ships wheels to Hawaii for $200 total.
After market running boards - Amazon Prime, shipping from other sites was over $100.
Peragon folding tonneau cover, painted white because the Hawaii sun cooks everything under a black cover.

Scheduled for a 3/1.5 leveling kit next week and tires.
Planning to Dip my emblems next week.

Posts on this forum have been amazingly helpful. Thank you for wasting your extra time on this forum instead of watching TV :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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