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Ok, so this is my 1st "real post" forgive me if i break the rules or anything. To get to the point I'd like to hear what everyone thinks of the Tacotunes plug and play setup. I think I'm going to dive in and order it today or tomorrow, and have the local install guys do it while I'm at work. I have JL door speakers it the rig the previous owner had installed less than 6 months ago, along with a sub and amp, but he took the amp and sub with him when he traded. Ugh. I have the Entune Non-JBL setup, and the door speakers do little to nothing. This is probably the last addition to the rig, so I'd like to know if anyone is running it, and how it does. I'm sure its wayyyyy better than what I have now. However the plan is to run the Plug and Play system with the 1000 watt sub amp. A single 10" JL W3 in a Ported enclosure, with the replacement door speaker amp hopefully filling in the bass and mids for those gangster ass JL Components to actually produce some face melting guitar solos, soul stealing drums, and the occasional "hood rat jamz". So, if you run this setup, please let me know if its as awesome as it seems, or steer me in a new direction. looking to spend in the 12-1500 range. Only want 1 sub. So tell me your thoughts, hopes, dreams, personal problems, and steer me along with the rest of your flock oh Tundra Gods.

Also, yes. I am a moron. My career is way too serious most of the time, and I have the personality of a Art Student on Adderall, so needless to say my coworkers are a bunch of up tight engineer types, and they aren't into cool stuff like trucks and beers. Hopefully you guys can help bridge the gap for my slow days at the office. Thanks and Goodnight. - Jeremy
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