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Synergy HID HELP!

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So i just got my HID kit today and luckily today is my day off!

installed it after few minutes of receiving it.

anyway 3 out of 4 worked fine, had to flip one for polarity but the other 2 lit up perfect the 1st time!.. now installing my other fog and it wont work :(
i flipped em and still no working.. i even flipped the prong from the ballast to the oem harness "+" and "-" and still no work.

any input would help! Thank you.

this is my 1st install..
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nobody? guess ima have to put everthing back for now..
swap bulbs and ballasts and see if you can figure out if it is a bad bulb or ballast or wired reverse.
PM'd you my number, give me a shout, we'll get it figured out.
Thanks! Could be the ballast cause I know I tried it on the other fog.
Thanks! Could be the ballast cause I know I tried it on the other fog.

You may have got a DOA, you have my number, call me when you get a sec. I'll send you another one, no problem. Sorry for the hassle
I would also stress to seal all connections to prevent corrosion and short life of the hid's...

I use hondabond, which I believe is made by threebond... You can use silicone, or at the least dilectric grease...
Thanks GCOP! Ill give you a call when I can.

I put dielectric grease on em and wrapped it up with electric tape:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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