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I have an 07 TRD and am having basically the exact same issue as yourself. To me the best way to describe the feeling is as if the wheels stop turning but the whole truck shifts forward. Like yourself I can't hear the clunk, but i can defiantely feel it. It seems as if mine is getting progressively worse. It doesn't happen at every stop and start but it is getting more frequent. If I'm stopped at a red light and take my foot off the brake, it will sometimes even do the "clunk" then.

I am the second owner of this truck so I do not know the full history of the truck, but I believe the rear driveshaft had been replaced at some point. The front driveshaft is clearly a steel one as it is coated in light rust. The one in the rear going to the rear diff appears to be aluminum or some similar alloy.

When I take my truck out of park and put it into reverse or drive, or drive to reverse, lots of times it shifts with a clunk and a shudder that you can hear and feel as it lurches the truck against the brakes. I'm wondering if bad u-joints would cause all of our symptoms? From my understanding, hard shifts betweens gears(park to drive or reverse in whatever order) is a symptom of a bad u-joint. Anybody else think this could also cause the "clunk" symptom we are all experiencing?
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