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Thanks for the email mikechu1133

After thinking about it, would this be a good idea? To stop from dismantling my dash, I was thinking of wiring up my lc7i and amp like this: They are going to be located under the rear seat with a sub,
1. Tap into front speakers at input to crossovers I mounted at kick panels and run to lc7i then to amp and back to crossover inputs
2. Tap into rear speakers at pillars between doors and run as above
3. Run power wire to amp from battery and jumper over to lc7i with inline fuse power wire
4. Ground lc7i but jumping over from amp ground
5. Get Remote turn on to amp from lc7i remote on because it has automatic turn on (GTO)

Opinions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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