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Is there a significant difference between a STOCK exhaust and a AFTERMARKET exhaust? What are the differences, material, design, performance, and sound (sound quality). There are many different types of material to make an exhaust out of. Most exhaust systems are made out of 409 stainless steel, Toyota's system which is made by (TENICO) is 409 grade along with Magnaflow, Flow-master just to name a few. Then there is 304 Stainless steal, big difference in quality and durability of 409 to 304. 304 will not rust, is stronger, it is a much better quality stainless steal. But it is cost a lot more to make an exhaust out of 304, the material is more expensive and it take more time to manufacture the system.
Nothing against stock systems and aftermarket systems made out of 409 stainless steal. Then there is the design and the basis for what the system is built for that you have to look into. There are companies and systems that are just for standard application, doing exactly what they are suppose to do, (muffling the sound of the engine) with out major loss to performance. But what substitutes major lose. Then there are systems that create a performance (tuned sound), but is there a real performance gain (guaranteed). Then there are true performance systems, designed and built for performance and a true power sound with out sacrificing ride comfort (drone).
When you research your future exhaust system make sure you compare apples to apples.
Below are some pictures of ZOOMERS systems.

Auto part Automotive exhaust Exhaust system Muffler Titanium Complete ZOOMERS system 304 stainless

Automotive exhaust Exhaust system Muffler Auto part Pipe Custom Y pipe to maintain low end torque

Product Auto part Bicycle part Exhaust manifold Automotive exhaust R&D performance design

Muffler Auto part Titanium Exhaust system Metal True 3" Y colector

Product Bicycle part Titanium Metal Pipe Clean welds

Auto part Muffler Automotive exhaust Cylinder Exhaust system 304 stainless steal muffler

Product Alloy wheel Auto part Metal Wheel Patented technology

Auto part Automotive exhaust Exhaust system Muffler Automotive super charger part Only three bends 304 stainless

Metal Titanium Auto part Cylinder Pipe

Bicycle fork Titanium Pipe Metal Steel Wrap around welded hangers

Cylinder Auto part Muffler 304 ZOOMERS tip

Auto part Automotive exhaust Muffler Pipe Exhaust system

ZOOMERS is a solid 304 stainless steel system, designed for performance oriented clients. It has a true performance sound with patented technology. ZOOMERS is the only muffler company with a patten on there system, we guarantee are performance results. ZOOMERS is not cheap, we realize that. But the true question is, what are you looking for true performance system to unleash that beast under your hood, or a performance sound?
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