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Revisiting this issue. It's been at least 1500 city miles with lots of breaking, it got a lot less frequent but it still does it every morning for the first couple times I brake. This is probably VERY annoying to my neighbors at 5am when I'm sneaking out of my neighborhood.

Switch pads at 15K miles to make it go away? What do the masses think? Maybe I should just go to the BBK...LOL. If they wern't so damn expensive I'd do it.
I should've mentioned that after I installed my king coilovers the same thing happened I stated in earlier post so I changed my rotor and now the problem is fixed!! When u get those things dirty I guess there is no cleaning them. Also as soon as I changed the rotors the squeak went away, then I changed the pads the next day

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1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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