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Howdy all ...
I'm hoping to find a solution here without spending a fortune in a shop.
The fuel tank on my '04 Tundra, crew cab limited 4x4 v8 dropped off. I bought a used one along with the pump and the wrecker (a friend) who towed me replace it. He played with the wires 18 ways to Sunday but did not get the fuel gauge to work. That is one problem, the other i realized when i drove it away is that the speedometer no longer works.
Bad enough not to have a fuel gauge, but now i can't measure the miles betwixt adding fuel. Anyway, the fuel pump seal leaks so i have a new one coming. A different mechanic will replace that seal for me. While it is off he'll try to figure out the gauge. Now, any ideas as to why the speedometer quit? Any fuses involved have been ruled out.
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